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Bruce Swinney and Associates Give Simple Home Staging Ideas To Get Your Helena Home Sold


Appearance is everything when it comes to selling your Helena, Montana home. But hiring a professional “stager” to prepare the home for prospective buyers can sometimes be overpriced. You want to make sure the staging is perfect and your home will be quick to sell. Bruce Swinney and Associates have years of experience in what it takes to make your home look like a million bucks. Let our team help in getting your home ready to sell in just days.

Check out these staging tips and tricks that will give you the competitive edge when you are ready to put your house on the market.

Remove Personal Photos: People can be very photogenic, but many clients are distracted by portraits of the sellers, and miss out on key selling points of the home. No matter how nice the display, personal photos are just that: too personal.

Clean Up Time: If you are selling your house, cleaning is a no-brainer. And clutter is a killer. Get a head start on packing, and begin boxing up extras that are taking up space on your mantel, table surfaces, etc. Clutter makes a house look smaller, and if you have a small house, it makes it feel claustrophobic. Not advantageous to a quick or profitable sale.

Paint The Story: A coat or two of paint is always a good investment. If you decide to make the effort, consider flat paint in areas for resting and relaxing. You can add some colors, but neutral is always best. Satin paint is great for common areas and places where there is a bit more action taking place. It’s also easier to clean if someone happens to spill something on the walls.

Make awkward spaces functional: Make the most of an awkward space by giving it a function. The slanted ceilings in this attic bedroom created a hideaway nook with no real purpose. By adding wall-to-wall shelves and a desk, the area has immediately turned into a private office. This new space adds value to the home and is a feature potential buyers are sure to remember.

Show Off The Goods: Consider placing laser-printed cards on items that remain with the home. Such things could include high-end appliances, dumbwaiters, laundry chutes, built-in sound systems and other goodies. These inexpensive cards are an under-utilized way to bring attention to such selling features. Don’t overdo it though; no more than 5-10 cards in an average-sized home.

Go Away: No buyers want to discuss your home while you are standing there. On average, my clients spend about 20-30 minutes in a home that has some promise; very few stay more than five minutes in a house with the seller in earshot. If nothing else, go outside on the porch or in the yard, and let the home speak for itself.

So when you are looking to sell your Helena, Montana home, let Bruce Swinney and Associates take control. There is a reason why our clients keep coming back. 406-442-3616


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